Why HCP?

Why HCP?

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At HCP, we care for more than your heart and we’ll be there when you need us.

Speaking immediately to your doctor at a moment of need is a comfort most people don’t have. That is the purpose of Heart Care Plus – to provide our patients with the necessities they need and the extra benefits and peace of mind they desire.

Members of HCP don’t deal with busy secretaries, tons of paperwork, strange doctors uninformed about the important details of your medical history, or even the thought of facing the frightening emergency room alone.

As an HCP member, you have immediate personal access by cell, internet and live video feed to help you with your medical concerns.

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Why Join Now?

Urgent medical and cardiovascular evaluations are increasingly being directed to hospital based care.
The intent of HCP is to maintain the intimate relationship and innovative, preventative care approach that has characterized our medical practice over the last 35 years.
Our practice offers a broad range of services – from internal medicine and adult cardiology to pediatrics – providing cutting edge preventative care for you and the family.
The intent of HCP is to maintain the intimate relationship that has framed Dr. Arguelles’ medical practice over the years by offering access for medical services that are “not covered nor re-imbursed by Medicare” yet promote “heart healthy” preventive care and help avoid the dreaded Emergency Room.
Please view the extensive list of services and amenities offered by HCP at the Services tab.
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