Concierge Services

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Concierge services and amenities guarantee patients have immediate access to HCP staff at any moment, privacy-safe online medical access, and emergency assistance abroad.

Concierge Member Services & Amenities

Limited membership availability and exclusive access to dedicated staff ensures Heart Care Plus members have access to premium service and best-in-class medical care. Our goal is to ensure that whenever and wherever our members are in need of our doctors and HCP staff support, we are available -- with no time restrictions, long wait times, or uninformed providers.

HCP Concierge Member Services Include:

24/7/365 to HCP doctors by cell phone, internet or live video feed
Guaranteed same day/ next day appointments
No wait and privacy assured health care
Members only concierge waiting room
Licensed nurse dedicated to HCP members
Extended time visits with doctors for medical services
Call back for all lab and diagnostic testing results
Limited membership to assure personal attention
The HCP nursing staff will manage end to end coordination, including booking appointments with referral doctors, follow ups, and testing

Exclusive Location

Private and exclusive office building in the heart of premium Coral Gables
“Members only” concierge waiting room
Renovated office spaces and relaxing environment
Complimentary beverages, coffee, and snacks for members

Web Integration

HCP secure website access for lab results and medical records
Interactive patient portal login for communication with HCP staff
Secured internet access for pharmacy and appointment requests, on-line bill pay, symptom analyzer, and virtual office visits
Secured, encrypted HIPPA-compliant email communication and live video feed with HCP staff

Travel Assistance

Telemedicine communication (live video feed) with HCP staff for medical assistance while traveling
Access to custom designed medical travel kits based on your individual medical profile and your geographic area of travel
Access to custom medical monitoring equipment designed to remotely assess and monitor health conditions while traveling or living abroad

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