Metabolic Evaluation

Metabolic Evaluation(1)

Our Metabolic Evaluation services support cardiovascular and general wellness, as well as fitness and weight management, through a series of innovative testing and assessments.

Metabolic Evaluation Services

At the heart of general and cardiovascular wellness is your metabolism. However, understanding your metabolism requires much more than an evaluation of your thyroid function. Our Metabolic Evaluation services are offered to all members and includes in-depth analysis of your thyroid, metabolism of glucose, insulin receptor function, and oxygen utilization efficiency. Comprehensive Metabolic Evaluation is a two-tiered approach that includes laboratory testing for insulin receptor function to assess why each patient may have difficulty keeping an ideal weight, why menopause frequently leads to weight gain, and a healthy lifestyle recommendation, rather than a diet restriction approach. This is then coupled with an assessment of how your body uses oxygen in its metabolism to maximize its utilization and your overall health.

HCP Metabolic Evaluation program includes:

Access to exciting new genetic analysis to assist in dietary and exercise recommendations
New speciality care under an obesity board certified physician
Measurement of BMR (basal metabolic rate), basal energy expenditures, and maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) to calculate fitness level and guide in exercise training
Availability of remote monitoring exercise VO2 measurement for competitive athletic training
Directed referrals for physician-guided exercise training professional

What is Metabolic Evaluation?

Failed diets, exercise without results, and unmanageable food restrictions are some of the most common frustrations people face in weight and health management. That is the goal of HCP's comprehensive Metabolic Evaluations -- to use a data and genetic driven approach to create customized recommendations for your diet, exercise, and future healthy lifestyle.

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Who Needs Metabolic Evaluation?

Those who may benefit the most from Metabolic Evaluation:
Individuals who want to prioritize healthy living, weight management, and personalized diet and exercise recommendations
Patients with a strong family history or risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease
Professional athletes and exercise enthusiasts who want to maximize their performance

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